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WakeUP is a nonpartisan group of citizens concerned about growth and the future of Wake County. We are voters, business people, educators, homemakers, grandparents, volunteers, and more who want to ensure that Wake County and the Triangle are healthy, competitive and sustainable in the long run. We love living in our area for its good quality of life, and we want to ensure a bright future for ourselves, our communities and those who come after us.

WakeUP is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization.



Connecting citizens to good growth planning! 

WakeUP facilitates public education on timely growth and sustainability issues through public forums, meetings,  and our WakeUP After 5 after work series.  We keep you informed through email,  Facebook and Twitter, too!

Important events

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2014 Water Quality Series

Clean Water, More Valuable than Oil: State Actions Affecting Your Water

A community public education forum on water quality in the Triangle. 

WakeUP Wake County held an informative forum on Wednesday June 18th featuring various expert speakers and a panel discussion.

Missed the forum?

View presentations from:

Amy Pickle

Dr. JoAnn Burkholder

Peter Raabe

Click here for more about Falls and Jordan Lakes!

WakeUP in Action!

Get Moving Midtown!


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2013 Raleigh City Council Forum

WakeUP’s 2013 Raleigh City Council forum was a great success.  With over 140...

2013 Board of Education Forums

In September 2013 WakeUP Wake County, the League of Women Voters of Wake County,...

WakeUP After 5: Jordan Lake, S515

On Thursday May 30, 2013 WakeUP and the NC Sierra Club hosted a WakeUP After 5...