Raleigh now has greenest stormwater program in NC!

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The City of Raleigh now has the greenest stormwater program in the state, thanks to the approval of some ordinance changes on September 5th! The group of text changes remove barriers and create more flexibility for developers to get creative in managing stormwater on properties, particularly encouraging the use of Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) throughout the city. The program is a great example of how to manage stormwater in a sustainable way and can serve as a model for other municipalities in the Triangle and around the state.

Green Stormwater Infrastructure is an innovative approach to managing water in a natural way, while still allowing development in a sustainable way. Nature-based solutions like rain gardens and green roofs allow rainwater to filter into the ground and be cleaned before entering our streams and lakes. This approach also reduces the amount of water that runs off into our streets and onto other properties, potentially flooding surrounding areas.

WakeUP thinks GSI is a necessary component to creating healthy, sustainable communities. That’s why we recently partnered with Ellerbe Creek Watershed Association to hold two community forums on why managing water in an integrated way is important, and how GSI can help.

Weren’t able to make it to the forums? You can check out the presentations from our speakers here.

If you’re interested in doing some GSI on your own property (and you live in Raleigh), the City of Raleigh has a cost-sharing program that will reimburse 75-90% of the cost for projects like rain gardens, bioswales and more! Find out more here.