Raleigh transportation bond will bring more bike-ped access

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Traffic is the top concern for Raleigh residents, according to a City of Raleigh survey done last year. On October 12th, Raleigh residents will have the chance to address that concern when they vote on a bond to provide funding for road improvements, transit, sidewalks and bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure.

While the majority of funding would be for roads, the Raleigh for Roads bond will improve access for people across the city, regardless of how they choose to get around. Many roads in Raleigh are in need of maintenance or redesign to accommodate the growth the city is experiencing. At the same time, more people are choosing to bike, walk or take transit instead of using a car. This bond will provide more funding to add bike lanes, sidewalks and public transit as part of the road expansions.

Creating streets that are safe and accessible for all modes of transportation is called Complete Streets. This design method improves safety and accessibility for residents and drivers, improves public health, creates a sense of community and can even improve water quality through the use of Green Stormwater Infrastructure. The City of Raleigh has a Complete Streets policy, which designates all road expansions to be inclusive of bike-ped and transit. This means all the road widenings that are included in the Raleigh for Roads bond will be Complete Streets.

WakeUP is supporting the Raleigh for Roads bond because it will make Raleigh safer and improve quality of life for residents. We encourage all Raleigh residents to vote Yes for the Raleigh transportation bond on October 10th!