2030 Comprehensive Plan Updates



The City of Raleigh is in the process of updating the 2030 Comprehensive Plan and they need your help! The plan addresses five key areas: resiliency, housing, development transitions, transportation, and sustainability with the intent to make the city workable, livable, and prosperous. According to the City of Raleigh, the plan provides an integrated approach to Raleigh’s physical development, and related economic, and social issues, with an emphasis on environmental, economic, and social sustainability and enhancing land use and transportation coordination. Learn more…

This work being done by the City of Raleigh is great, but it is pointless without the input of the people it will directly affect! Raleigh residents are invited to attend public meetings focused on educating the public about the plan and encouraging comments on the updates. The next meeting will be:

Tuesday, July 11
7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Durant Nature Preserve, 3237 Spottswood St.
The meeting’s theme will be Sustainability or focusing on the interdependent relationships of environmental stewardship, economic strength, and social integrity. These three elements define the vision for sustainability.

Raleigh residents are also encouraged to provide feedback on the proposed changes to the Comprehensive Plan by sending an email to bynum.walter@raleighnc.gov.