Mission and Vision

Mission Statement:

WakeUP Wake County promotes good growth planning and sustainable, healthy communities through education, advocacy and civic engagement, advancing a higher quality of life for all.



WakeUP’s vision is a Triangle region that is economically and environmentally sustainable for future generations, with well-planned development that promotes vibrant, mixed-use, walkable communities, offering diverse housing choices and transportation options.  All residents will enjoy a clean and adequate drinking water supply, improved air quality, and protected open spaces as a result of effective transportation and land use planning.  Public schools will be high quality and diverse, with infrastructure that accommodates student growth and ensures high achievement for all.  Citizen voices will balance special interests, creating public policies that meet long-term needs.  Infrastructure is paid for with methods that are fair and equitable to all taxpayers, and which do not unfairly burden those on fixed or low incomes.

What’s YOUR Vision?


Special thanks to Julie Williams Dixon for creating this video!