WakeUP Wake County’s Story

Why did we WakeUP?


In 2006, a group of Wake County citizens met to share concerns about challenges of rapid growth and how decisions were being made influencing development. They realized there was no local organization representing average people in the public policy process overseeing growth of 100 people daily in Wake County. So they launched WakeUP Wake County, a non-partisan non-profit to represent taxpayers (and not special interests) and to “wakeup” decision makers. ¬†The vision for WakeUP was and remains to be a voice for people who believe we need to plan well for growth, development, and healthy, vibrant communities in Wake County — among the fastest growing places in the U.S!

To ensure a high quality of life for today and for future generations, WakeUP Wake County educates citizens and decision-makers about the realities of rapid growth on our transportation systems, drinking water supply, schools, open space and more.  WakeUP takes the next step to engage people in developing solutions and speaking UP for effective growth policies that will ensure sustainable, healthy communities here that will fairly share the costs of building the infrastructure needed to keep pace with growth.

WakeUP is now thousands strong, and has become THE voice in Wake County for expanding public transit, creating environmentally and economically sustainable development, protecting our scarce drinking water supplies, ensuring high quality public education for all, and more.

WakeUP monitors actions of local government, holds public education and candidate forums, and engages citizens on timely issues that affect our community every day.