Progress is possible in Wake County with your help!

No matter where you fall on the political spectrum, you are likely frustrated. Gridlock in Washington, regression on Jones Street. But here in Wake County…

Progress is Possible!


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All across Wake County, we have meaningful opportunity for LOCAL progress. Civic leaders and community members are working together on vital issues that impact quality of life in one of the fastest growing places in the country!

How can you help?

– for the 25,000 new residents a year in Wake County

– for Wake County’s 67 new people a day


– for the 94m gallons/day of water usage projected for 2045

– for the 185,000 students projected to be enrolled in Wake County Public Schools by 2025

 – for the 308 acres of land in the new Dorothea Dix Park

– for the 550 affordable housing units lost every year in Wake County

– for the 900 gallons of stormwater produced in a 1-inch storm/1,500 sq ft roof

-WakeUP is grateful for a donation of any amount