Is WakeUP against growth?


WakeUP Wake County believes that growth is good, as long as it’s planned for in sustainable ways.

It is possible to grow and have development in our community that improves our quality of life and creates vibrant neighborhoods.

The key is planning for growth with policies and plans that take the long-term well-being of the entire community into account. Development decisions should not be solely for the economic advancement of a few, but for the overall economic and societal well-being of future generations. This means effective land use policies that guide development in the places we want it (like more density closer to the urban centers), that promote all forms of transportation, including pedestrians, cyclists, and transit, and that protects our watersheds and natural resources from pollution to ensure healthy drinking water and clean air.

It also means making sure that our infrastructure keeps pace with growth – that roads and transit are in place to handle traffic, that schools aren’t stuffed way past their capacity, that we add new recreation and parks to serve new development, and not allow infrastructure to fall way behind, worsening our quality of life. Figuring out reasonable, fair ways to pay for this growth is needed too.

Some examples of sustainable development approaches:

Transit-oriented development: Compact, high-quality, mixed-used development around transit stations.

Low-impact development: Innovative stormwater treatment practices for new and existing development.

Impact fees and transfer taxes: Fair strategies for financing new infrastructure demanded by our growing population.

To learn more about the kind of growth and development that WakeUP supports, visit our Transportation and Land Use pages.