High Speed Rail in the Triangle

High-Speed Rail Regional mass transit will be enhanced with the proposed inter-city Southeast High-Speed Rail Corridor, running between Washington-Richmond-Raleigh-Charlotte.

Federal stimulus funds of $545 million awarded to North Carolina will be used to develop the passenger rail line between Raleigh and Charlotte, with eventual top speeds of 90 mph then 110 mph. The funds will be used to get trains running faster and more often between Raleigh and Charlotte, and an additional train is scheduled for 2012. The high speed rail effort will be coordinated with the Triangle Regional Transit Plan, and will mean that local commuters will have more options to travel by train between Durham and Raleigh. Funds also will be used to build important rail crossings in the Triangle, straighten tracks, and double-tracks along the corridor. These funds are a portion of $8 billion in stimulus funds given to several states to increase inter-city rail travel.

Following several public hearings, NCDOT has proposed a new route to bring high-speed rail into and through Raleigh.  Visit the Southeast High Speed Rail Corridor (SEHSR) website for up to date information on meetings, alternatives and plans.


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High Speed Rail – “Connecting the Capitals, Joining the Job Crescents” Learn more about how a fast-coming high speed rail system will connect Raleigh to Richmond and beyond.

Additional high-speed rail investment – 2/7/11

High-speed rail funding for NC – 1/29/10

Southeast High-speed Rail Corridor

Raleigh Passenger Rail Task Force high-speed rail recommendations






Passenger Rail Task Force: High Speed Rail

On Tuesday, August 3, 2010, Raleigh City Council received recommendations from the Passenger Rail Task Force that identified the NC-3 route (Norfolk Southern) as the best path for a future high speed rail line.

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Learn more by reading Bruce Siceloff’s recent article in the N&O.

Passenger Rail Task Force’s Recommendations

Detailed map of high speed rail route options

After receiving recommendations on August 3, 2010, Council decided to hold a public hearing on the issue on August31, 2010 in order to guage citizen support for specific route options. “It’s up to us to take the information and put it to the citizenry to see what they say,” said Russ Stephenson, an at-large councilor…read more

City of Raleigh staff chose to endorse NC-3, favoring the Norfolk Southern route as an opportunity to replace aging railroad trusses…read more



What is the Passenger Rail Task Force?

In the Spring of 2010 the Raleigh City Council appointed an 11 member Passenger Rail Task Force to advise the Council on several specific issues related to the future provision of passenger rail service–local, regional and long-distance–to the City of Raleigh. Aside from focusing on high speed rail, the Task Force is also responsible for developing recommendations on Union Station, a proposed transit hub, and on other transit improvement projects.